Welcome to All-Star Bedlington Terriers!

We are conveniently located between Dallas and Houston Texas.

My Bedlingtons have show-quality conformation and superior personalities.  My breeding
program adheres to the AKC Standards. Both Dam and Sire are DNA'd 1:1 and have been
tested and are clear for genetic defects.  Their pedigrees are stacked with Grand Champion   
and  Champion bloodlines.  Males and Females are available in blue and liver colors.  I can
guarantee my puppies to be the happiest and healthiest puppies I can raise.  Whether it's
winning top honors in the show ring or being a life-long companion, I have a puppy for your

The Bedlington Terrier is a non-shedding dog, perfect for those with allergies, asthma or
sensitivity to dog dander.  Routine grooming is required.  This breed is gentle and mild, never
shy or nervous.  They have an affectionate personality and thrive on human companionship.  
They make excellent watch dogs as they are extremely protective of their family.  They are best
trained with a firm, loving and consistent guiding hand.
AKC  Champion-All-Star's
Kiss Me Kate
AKC  Champion-All-Star's
Fab Night for A Moondance